Do You Make These Mistakes In Social Media?

by Tak Hikichi

I know, it’s been almost 4 months since my last post. I have an excuse – I had my third child born to us recently and just graduated from grad school two weeks ago. I have been busy!

I am back and thanks for reading.


Did you know one of the best ways to reach your customers locally is getting involved in Social Media? With smartphones and broadband internet connecting people ever so closely today, you are going to get a little behind if you are not already using Social Media to represent your business.

Are your customers on Facebook?

Initially, you might wonder which Social Media platform you should use to best leverage your time spent communicating.

The best platform is whichever the medium your customers are currently using. So for example, if you find most of your customers using Facebook, then you should start creating a Fan Page about your business on Facebook.

Don’t know what to say?

To keep conversations fluid, it’s important to update your page with information that interests your customers. Many businesses make the mistake of only sending promotional messages. However, instead of seeing Social Media as the potential market, it’s important to treat it as a community where you contribute for the benefit of those who belong in your network.

What should you contribute?

This depends on how well you really know your customers. If you’re a professional, you should understand their pains, the language they use to describe their problems, which products and services they have used in the past. If you’re able to identify these issues, your customers will feel that you understand them. And if they feel your business is the ONLY viable option when it comes to their problems, you just successfully differentiated your business from all others your customers have dealt in the past. Now it will be up to you to continue keeping their patronage.

Should you hire a PR person?

You could, but I would recommend against outsourcing this task to third party 100%. But, I also should mention that PR firms are tired of business owners not listening to their suggestions, and if you are going to allow third party to get involved in your communication with customers, pay them good money and get them craft a strategic proposal just for your Social Media campaigns. Get a few recommendations before hiring anyone and trust their ability to improve your business.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer

Log on to Facebook and start looking up at least 3-5 Fan Pages of your competitors. 1) Observe how they are communicating with their customers, 2) pay attention to areas currently underserving their customers. Once you have gathered ideas to improve, 3) build your Fan Page illustrating that your business could fulfill the needs.


Let’s go over this post together again.

  1. Find out what medium your customers are using most – mostly likely Facebook
  2. Get to know your customers’ needs, pains, problems and hot buttons
  3. Look for 3-5 Fan Pages of your competitors and look for areas you could improve
  4. Build your Fan Page with items “currently missing” among your competitors
  5. Articulate your benefits to your customers by serving the network you belong

I promise you by following these steps, your customer loyalty will increase. The goal is to make your Social Media presence worthy for your customers to spread news about you. If you’re passionate about your business and if what you do truly speaks to your customers, they will bring people to your Fan Page.

Hope you liked this post and please leave a comment!

Tak 🙂

P.S – no I am not currently available for hire

P.S.S – well, if you’re a non-profit, I might do consultation for you at no charge


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