Mesa Has the Guts to Do What Other Local Cities Never Do

by Tak Hikichi


Darryl Web, Tribune

I’ve written in the past Mesa should display provocative art work to draw visitors to the city.

Build something that gets people to talk about.  But it cannot be anything boring because that won’t get anyone to talk about.  By “boring”, I mean, it cannot be museums, ballparks, theaters, and all other stuff that other cities already own.  Those buildings are too safe, and since people in different cities already have those, they won’t come out of their way to Mesa, not worth visiting unless the city builds something spectacular.

Well, it looks like they were already thinking about doing something like this for a long time — If you drive down on Main, you’ll see 25 foot tall God Bless America statues. The city is borrowing it for a few months. Wait to Go, Mesa!!

This takes the guts to do, and some will resist to this seemingly idea. But it’s far more effective than placing some boring, safe, nothing special bronze statues that no heads turn to see. It’s provocative, controversial, and that’s what art is meant to do.

Bring more people to downtown, Mesa.



  • bettermesa

    The First Friday of every month in Downtown Mesa we close Main Street to only motorcycles. There are live bands, vendors and motorcycle enthusiasts galore. If you are on facebook go to our page “Motorcycles on Main” and look at the fun. Besides the already great restaurants there are food vendors on the street. It is also not what you would expect to see in our town!
    Second fridays of every month from 6-10 pm (both events run the same time of the day) is a themed event which changes each month. April is FAME on Main- music, performing arts groups on two stages, over 60 artists showing their original works, and just a plan ole good time.
    Hope to see you around.
    Terry Benelli

  • Terry,

    I drove by their last Friday and saw it closed to only motorcycles. I was curious about the cars parked prior on Main to the closure? They wouldn't be able to drive out?

  • bettermesa

    The Barricade company did not show up on time, typically all the cars are off of Main street as we start the process at 5:00. They started at 6:10. We did personally escort all of the cars out when they were ready to leave. Barricade company promises to get their act together for April and start again at 5:00, road to be totally closed to cars by 5:30. Road Safe is the company we hired.

    I do appreciate any feedback as we really want to perfect the event(s) and make the Downtown merchants successful while giving our community fun, free, safe and diverse things to do. Check out our Second Friday events also. See you around!

  • Elaine MItchell

    God Bless Mesa

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