You Are a Great Writer

by Tak Hikichi

I enjoy writing even though I am not the best one at it. But to make up for the lack of insight, I try reading more than others.

Then there are many who are already brilliant, insightful, courageous, empowering, and inspiring people who think about writing and never do. My guess is they’re telling themselves nobody would read anything they write.

But if you’re worried about whether or not people would read your articles, I don’t think you’ll ever write anything. If you’re┬áTRULY┬ápassionate about something, and you’re overwhelmed by the need to share what you know, I think you’ll write.

And if your topic speaks to others, and if others share the same values with you, people will find you because that’s how the Internet works.

Every day, though, people think about doing important stuff. But if all we do is think, all these thinking won’t translate into anything worthwhile.

In fact, the only thing that matters is anything we do. So, next time you feel the “itch” to write about something you’re passionate about, just remind yourself that you are a great writer.

English is my second language, but that doesn’t stop me from writing.

The world needs you, your community needs you, and your family needs you, so go write something that matters to you. Soon, you’ll find yourself leading others who share the same values as yours.

  • I loved your article. It is inspiring and true. Somehow I felt talking to me since I had moments of doubt about my writing abilities despite how everyone said they loved it and despite how much I wanted to share my passion.
    Thank you for inspiration and reminding me that I am a ” great writer”.
    English is my second language too.

  • Tak Hikichi


    Are you from Europe?

    I took a moment and read the most recent article on your blog. I felt your passion coming through your article. It was genuine.

    I noticed your blog did not specifically say where you were located.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  • Now this is some great stuff keep it coming…..

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