Tweeting Your Mesa AZ Business Like a NFL Player

by Tak Hikichi

Recently, Mashable listed top 20 “Must Follow” NFL tweets. There are players like Reggie Bush and Larry Fitzgerald mentioned. As you probably know, Twitter is also popular among NBA athletes.

What does this mean to the public?

It means… instead of hearing what Larry Fitzgerald says about the recent loss against Indianapolis Colts through the radio wave of ESPN, you get to hear directly from Larry.

It used to be the only way for the rest of people to hear what superstars said about anything, we had to listen to the broadcast first.

Not any more.

These players are taking their communication with fans to the next level by using more intimate communication channels than ever before.

In fact, teams should encourage this more often?


Because it’s easier to ask evangelists for help than trying to reach out new converts.  You see, these fans who “follow” superstar athletes are very loyal and often blog about them.  They are not just the ordinary fans, but ones who can spread the word about these athletes.

If your organization can also use such medium as a Twitter, you can do the same.  Have a Twitter account and create a fan base for your restaurant, retail, brand… your imagination is the only limit.

Here are a few examples of Twitter usages by businesses.

These smart business owners are creating deeper connection with their fans, and as a result, their fans evangelize for them.

In other words, they’re working smarter, not harder.  Well, actually, they’re doing both. They’re working smarter and harder because they really care about their business.

It’s not always smart business owners do anything that’s truly outside the box. It’s just that successful businesses often do things so easy for others to do, but rarely see it being done elsewhere.

That’s all.

As a start, you can follow this tutorial to see what you can do to connect with Mesa, using Twitter — maybe these local people you’ll find through this method can help spread the word about your business.

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